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Steel Panthers 2: Modern Battles modified mob files, V2.0

These  files contain more accurate and detailed OB's for the Middle Eastern countries and PLO. Many new units were added, other units modified for better historical accuracy. New unit pictures are also included (the .lbm files).

Also included is a modified STEEL2.EXE file, which allows for new icon association. Download the file first !(if you download more than one mob, you only have to replace the .exe file once).

is-flag.jpg (5253 bytes) 608kb
sy-flag.jpg (3838 bytes) 80kb
eg-flag.jpg (3621 bytes) 686kb
jo-flag.jpg (5061 bytes) 67kb
plo-flag.jpg (1255 bytes) 39kb

Modified mob files, V1.09

In case you prefer not to replace your STEEL2.EXE file - download these files (The mob files are identical to V2.0 but no icons were changed).

IDF Egypt Syria Jordan PLO/PA

Map Case

A collection of 19 maps for SP2. These maps were based on actual maps and photos of the areas depicted. Most maps are used in my scenarios.



This zip file contains 111 lbm (picture) files for Steel Panthers. Most of these are used in the modified mobs.