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IDF-SP Feedback Form

Please take a minute and answer this questionnaire. The information you'll provide will help me improve this site.

Thank you,

K. Eitan

How did you reach the IDF-SP site?

Via search engine.

Link from another wargaming site.

Link from another site:


What is your favorite section?

SP 2/3 Ob files download.


Image galleries.


Which war games do you play?

Steel Panthers.

Steel Panthers 2:Modern Combat.

Steel Panthers 3:Brigade Command.

Other Steel Panthers variants (spw@w, spww2, etc.).

Other war games.


(For SP2/3 gamers:)

Do you use the modified OOB files?

Yes            No

If you do, what are you comments about them?

What would you like to see added to this site?

Thanks for your feedback!