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The Modified IDF Kob file

I want to thank Michal Derela for his generous help with the lbm files and for his advice. Thank to his work, these kobs look a lot better !

new_flip.gif (9544 bytes)Steel Panthers 3:Brigade Command - Modified IDF Kob file, V1.04new_flip.gif (9544 bytes)

The new and improved home brewed version of Kob04, depicting the Israeli Defence Force far more accurately than SSI's original work. This version includes fixes to some bugs and glitches.

What's new ?

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    achilles.jpg (1835 bytes)  Mirage3b.jpg (1407 bytes)  zel.jpg (2600 bytes)

new_flip.gif (9544 bytes)Modified Arab Countries Kob files - V1.04new_flip.gif (9544 bytes)

Modified versions of the following Arab armies: Egypt (Kob01), Syria (Kob03), Jordan (Kob09) and PLO/PA (Kob08). Includes fixes to some bugs and glitches, mainly with the AI purchase policy in 1948-1951  battles.

What's new ?

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walid.jpg (2116 bytes)  

Modified lbm files for the Middle Eastern Kob files

There are now two files containing new lbm files. The "" file contains new lbm's for version 1.04 kob files.

New and modified lbm files ("sideviews") to accompany the modified IDF & Arab kob files. This Zip file includes 201 new lbm files, most of them in color.


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