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Magach MBT

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The Magach - the IDF's name for the Patton (M-48/M-60) mbt is in service for over 30 years with the Israeli army.

The first M-48A2 tanks were bought from West Germany during the '60s (a fact kept secret from the Israeli public who opposed connections with Germany). They were armed with a 90mm main gun and saw action during the 1967 Six Days War - mostly in the Sinai front against the Egyptian army (during that war Jordanian M-48s were captured and added to the IDF's  inventory).

Shortly after that war these tanks were fitted with a 105mm gun (same as on the Centurion mbt), and more tanks were purchased from the US. The M-48s were used mainly in the Sinai and on the Suez Canal, against the Egyptians in the long War of Attrition that began in 1968.

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During  the 1973 Yom Kippur War the US sent Israel it's newest tank - the M-60. These were pressed to service during the fighting, replacing many of the M-48s lost in combat.

In the 1970's the M-60 (A1 and A3 variants) became the mainstay of the IDF's armor corps. They were upgraded with the new reactive armor cells, improved fire control systems etc. These upgrades were tested in 1982, during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

Since then, the Magach mbt continues it's service with the IDF. Many upgrades and improvements to it's systems, armor and weapons were added during the years, keeping it in the front line.

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