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These scnearios are for the Steel Panthers 2 game. The historical scenarios were based on  extensive research, trying to create  acurate descriptions of the battles.

Also posted here are scenarios by Paul Lakowsky. These scenarios are also posted on the Wargamer scenario depot. In the future I hope to post new scenarios by Paul.

1956.gif (4238 bytes) Operation "Kadesh", 1956

The Ru'effa Dam:

The 82nd Brigade attack on the Egyptian compound near the Ru'effa dam.

1967.gif (3882 bytes)Six Days War, 1967

Tel Dan: A Syrian attempt to conquer an Israeli Kibbutz in the second day of the war.
Tel Facher: A heroic battle in which Golani's infantry brigade 12th btn. stormed a Syrian occupied mound in the Golan.
Counterattack !: A clash between Egyptian T-55's and Israeli light armor in the Sinai desert.
Up the Golan: The Israeli assault on the Syrian positions on the Golan Heights.

(By Paul Lakowsky)
Nakhle: An armored ambush laid by Ariel Sahron's divison to the Egyptian 125th armored brigade.

(By Paul Lakowsky)

1968.gif (3687 bytes)The War of Attrition, 1968-1970

Inferno: The Israeli attack on the PLO HQ in Ka'rame, Jordan (1968).
Operation "Raviv": A daring armored raid across the Suez channel, which took place in 1969.

(note: the IDF modified mob is required for these scenarios)

1973.gif (4427 bytes)Yom Kippur War, 1973

Crossing at Ismailia: The Egyptian assault across the Suez Canal on October 6.

(by Paul Lakowsky)
Hill 110  An Israeli counter attack on Egypian forces in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.
Stand at the Junction  An attack by the Egyptian 22nd Tank Brigade on an Israeli Para Battalion.

(note: the IDF modified mob is required for this scenario)
Baluza: The begining of the Israeli succesful counterattack against the Egyptians in Sinai, on October 14.

(by Paul Lakowsky)
The Chinese Farm: The IDF's trial to clear the Egyptian compound controlling the way to the Suez Canal.

(by Paul Lakowsky)
Breakout into Egypt: After crossing the Suez Canal, the IDF must force it way into the Egyptian rear.

(by Paul Lakowsky)
Helping the Blues An Israeli armored attack on Egyptian SAM battery.
Tel Hazeika: The Syrian invasion of the Golan, October 6.

(by Paul Lakowsky)
The Valley of Tears One of the most crucial battles in Israel's history. The heroic stand of the 7th armored brigade against far greater Syrian forces in the Golan heights.
7th Recon's Black Day A Syrian ambush to the 7th armored recon Co, near the village of Buq'atta. buq'
Centurions Duel The first clash between Israeli and Jordanian forces.
Um Butna One of the last major battles between Israel and Syria.