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Magach MBT in training

new.gif (174 bytes) The IDF Map casenew.gif (174 bytes)

A collection of 19 maps for the Steel Panthers 2 game. These maps were  based on actual maps and pictures of the IDF battle sites. Most of the maps were used in my scenarios.




IDF Mob V1.02

The latest version of my home-brewed modified IDF mob file !!!! Contains some fixes to my previous versions and some new units as well....

New recruit ?

If this is the first time you download any of my modified IDF mob's - download this file:files/

Veteran ?

If you've already have any older IDF mob version - click  download the mob and added pics only :files/


Syrian Mob

Modified mob file for the Syrian army. New units were added - such as the Commandos.


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Other modified mob's are on the way...